Wednesday, December 10, 2008

San Francisco Diary 9 xii 2008

First day of new life in San Francisco
From 5am we finish unloading the moving truck and Celine returns it to east side of Francisco, where she enjoys listening to local electrical workers in cafe where she waits for rental place to open.
As kitchen is submerged in boxes and we no longer have chickens, we try out local pie shop for breakfast. Delicious and very pleasant.
After unpacking some boxes and minds, it is late in the afternoon. Kitchen is still buried.
We meet Boris, who runs local Russian deli and has extraordinary stories from Soviet Union - tale of violin as he emigrates & selling VCR; Chris from Newcastle who local bike shop and recommends Park Chow, where we go to have quick dinner with Raphael. Raphael practices introducing himself to people.
As Raphael has been very helpful he gets a lime & lemon pie back in local pie shop.


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